The historic movie experience with digital projection and sound.

The Lincoln TheatreEntertaining audiences since 1915

156 Lincoln Way East   Massillon, Ohio 44646

The Lincoln welcomes our new liquor license

Entertainment and a bar go hand in hand. As the Lincoln moves into it's second century we find ourselves becoming a performing arts center. To accommodate the new audience, we now have a full service liquor license. Stop by the concession stand and see what we have. Beer, wine and mixed drinks will go very well with our signature popcorn with real melted butter.

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Have you ever wanted to time travel? Or maybe visit a very haunted place.

Maybe, you long to see your favorite old movie as it was meant to be seen on a big screen.

Want to eat $1.00 popcorn with real butter on it? Perhaps, you would like to experience an evening at the theatre your family can afford?

How about enjoying a great live show in a intimate venue? We can offer you all of these things and a whole lot more.

Learn about our history.

Celebrating 100 years

On November 23, 1915 the Lincoln Theatre opened its doors for the first time. A screen made of gold brought an entire generation of Silent Film stars into the lives of Massillonians.

Civil War veterans sat in the balcony in theatre seats you can still sit in. The young men sitting beside them would soon be called to World War I and the women with them could not vote.

Movies have changed, technology has changed, even the audience has changed, but the Lincoln Theatre remains.

Get involved

In 1982 the wrecking ball had been called to clear the lot at 156 Lincoln Way E. History changed when the Lions Club of Massillon sent the wrecking ball away and began a total restoration of a Massillon Landmark.

In the years that followed, the club lovingly restored and maintained the theatre. Their commitment remains strong, but it is now time for the community to join this important work.

The Massillon Rotary Club along with other major corporations and countless individuals provide funds and labor to update technology, pop popcorn, sell you a $5.00 movie ticket, maintain the building, plan the films and live shows and take time out of their week to attend a classic film.

If you have a love, a skill, a talent, or a dream we can help you join our preservation team.

Get involved.